Strategically located between the big cities of the Pacific Northwest, Sound Forge Studios serves a growing community with a music culture all its own. Located in Tri-Cities, Washington, SFS is a unique studio with a unique sound.

Play your passion. Forge your future.

Who We Are

I guess this is the place where we’re supposed to brag about ourselves. But we’d rather brag about you. Why? Because as a studio that’s operated by musicians, we have a deep respect for the artist.

Every artist has his or her own unique voice. It is our passion to help them share that voice in a way that is both genuine and with professional quality. We love helping musicians develop their ideas and giftings, fulfill their creative vision, and produce a product that is better than they thought possible.

Sound Forge Studios is built and funded entirely by members of the Tri-City community. This makes us unique among the recording industry. We are a non-profit organization, and therefore don’t have the money-chasing mentality that seems to accompany the music industry. Money is temporary, but people and relationships are eternal. So that is our focus.

Our production philosophies are pretty simple:

Excellence, not perfection.

Passion, not precision.

Authenticity, not performance

Quality, not quantity

People, not product

Remember, the music we play only lasts for a moment. But the music we record can impact the hearts and lives of countless future generations. We believe every artist and piece of music deserves an opportunity to last as long as the world does.

So give us a call at 509.781.1596, or drop us a line through the "Contact" page. We’d love to make some music with you.

"Music is what emotions sound like. It is the audible canvas of the soul. It gives voice to what otherwise cannot possibly be said. It unearths, exposes, and elevates our subconscious to our conscious, allowing us to feel what we sometimes cannot feel on our own." -  Morgan