Strategically located between the big cities of the Pacific Northwest, Sound Forge Studios serves a growing community with a music culture all its own. Located in Tri-Cities, Washington, SFS is a unique studio with a unique sound.

Play your passion. Forge your future.


     "When I played [Though You Slay Me] for my wife, who was a department chair in the Recording Arts program and formerly the studio manager of Unique Studios in New York - so she's heard it all - she said, "It gives me goose bumps - I want a copy of this". This is by far one of the best productions I have heard in 10 years.... You have a true gift from God. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!! Great Job!!”

          - Michael Reaves (Brandy, Metallica, Alicia Keys, Marilyn Manson, Jessica Simpson, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, over 24 platinum albums and 2 Grammy nominations)


     “That’s very nice! Very good job. I like everything about [Til We're Free].  The mix, the song, the production... there’s some nice little things in there!”

          - Veit Renn (Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Hudson, NSync, Disney, sold over 60 million albums in 7 years)


     "One of Jason’s strengths is his ability to work with the artist, truly wishing to convey the original musical concept rather than forcing his own vision. While he certainly has his own powerful ideas for a song’s direction, he first and foremost finds a way to make the artist’s creation come to life and achieve its fullest potential.

     "Jason is also a fun and personable producer. Though he pushes for the highest quality studio performance, he also develops a relaxed and enjoyable environment. He is easy to get to know and very funny, yet still professional. He has been encouraging during difficult portions of recording, and I know that his positive attitude has definitely led to my success in the studio.

     "If anyone were to ask for my recommendation for a producer, I would immediately suggest Jason Vorpagel. His wealth of knowledge, dedication to his work and the artist, and personality make him my top choice at any time."

          - Evan Egerer (Solo Artist - Blues Rock)


     "Headlines read, "Jason Vorpagel is new story teller of 2012". You are a serious talent."

          - Frank "Atom" Troy (Director of Songwriting and Development, Full Sail University)


     "I had a blast working with Jason. As a session musician, it was refreshing to enter the studio and be met with a big smile and a man who valued my experience as a musician. He listened to various ways that I had recorded upright bass in the past but also brought new ideas of how to get the true sound of my instrument to come through in the recording. Jason is a pleasure to work with and I love how he gives me the freedom to add my own personal spin on the music while giving me enough structure that I'm not diving into a song blindly. Overall, he is a wonderful guy to work with and brings a knowledge and work ethic to the studio that has not been matched in my musical career thus far."

          - Matt Piatt, (Session Bassist)


     "Jason, superb. In attitude, musicianship and intelligence. You creatively find ways to use your tools to meet your personal challenges. That says a lot about you - you are an able producer."

          - Keith Lay (Composer, Department Chair of Music Technology, Full Sail University)


     "Jason has more patience then the H-bombs had radiation, which did wonders to keep everyone's focus and spirits on the tasks at hand during those marathon recording sessions. His creative inputs and suggestions were always appreciated and worth consideration. Indeed, they helped greatly in the weaker areas of our songs and at times coached us through a gap or two in our skills. In short, he not only went the extra mile with our music, he took it to the sun.

     "To speak of skill, Jason's skill in capturing sound and mixing is obvious. His ability to convert our songs to a recorded version, while keeping the live feel we wanted, was outstanding. The final product was better than watching a bear eat a salmon."

          - Josiah Luebben of Blinded Innocence (Hardcore, Rock, Screamo)

     "HOLY CRAP I AM SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is seriously amazing. I literally cried hearing it. I would kill to work with you again in the future and I thank you immensely. I seriously cannot even get over how amazing this is."

          - Kat Hansen (Dance, House, Pop-Electronica)


    "Not only do the bands love Jason, they are talking about our studio and the atmosphere that Jason creates. He has taken each artist to a new level and the music he engineers, produces, and mixes is at a very high level. I not only recommend him without reservations, but as a Mastering Engineer, I find it a great joy to have his help and to work with what he delivers."

          - Keith Bennett (owner of Light Force Studios, Mastering Engineer)

"Music is what emotions sound like. It is the audible canvas of the soul. It gives voice to what otherwise cannot possibly be said. It unearths, exposes, and elevates our subconscious to our conscious, allowing us to feel what we sometimes cannot feel on our own." -  Morgan