Strategically located between the big cities of the Pacific Northwest, Sound Forge Studios serves a growing community with a music culture all its own. Located in Tri-Cities, Washington, SFS is a unique studio with a unique sound.

Play your passion. Forge your future.


Why complicate things? A set rate of $50 an hour keeps it simple.

Need pre-production? Tracking? Editing? Mixing? Pitch correction? Mastering? Audio Restoration? It’s all $50 an hour. If you want to pay more, hey, we won't stop you. There are plenty of other studios who'll charge you double, triple, or more. 

Why so inexpensive? Again, we are a non-profit studio, built and funded by the local community. Our goal is to create a professional studio environment that the average musician can rarely afford to record in. So we're not trying to rake in the dough. We just need to pay the bills, and hopefully get a new piece of gear or two along the way.

We do have bulk rates as well. For example, an eight hour block is just $350. That's an hour for free! Or a sixteen hour block is just $700. Now you're talking two hours free!

We also have some variable "in house" rates for special cases. You never know if your dream may be closer to possible than you realize. So come on down and ask about it, or just give us a call. It's easier to explain in person than to type.

Need composition work for a film, documentary, commercial, or any other visual work? Feel free to listen to a few of the instrumental pieces on our "Samples" page. Then give us a call at 509.781.1596. We’d love to be a part of your project, discuss your ideas, and give you a quote.

"Music is what emotions sound like. It is the audible canvas of the soul. It gives voice to what otherwise cannot possibly be said. It unearths, exposes, and elevates our subconscious to our conscious, allowing us to feel what we sometimes cannot feel on our own." -  Morgan